The Northern Endurance Partnership enabling Net Zero Teesside and the East Coast Cluster

The Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP) was formed in 2020 as the CO2 transportation and storage company which will deliver the onshore and offshore infrastructure needed to capture carbon from a range of emitters across Teesside and the Humber and transport to offshore storage in the Endurance store.

The Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP) enables Net Zero Teesside and the East Coast Cluster by providing the common infrastructure needed to transport CO2 from emitters in the Humber and Teesside to secure offshore storage in the North Sea.

In October 2021, The Northern Endurance Partnership’s East Coast Cluster, which includes Net Zero Teesside, was selected as a priority cluster in phase-1 of the UK Government’s Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) cluster sequencing process.

NEP offers access to the Endurance carbon store in the southern North Sea. Endurance is the name of a geological feature – a saline aquifer – which lies approximately 145km offshore from Teesside in the North Sea.

Endurance has the capacity to store: 450m tonnes of CO2 Other potential stores nearby take potential storage capacity to around 1 billion tonnes.

The East Coast Cluster

The UK needs to use every possible technology to green our economy. It must decarbonise industry to achieve its target of net zero emissions by 2050. And nearly half of carbon emissions from UK industrial clusters come from Britain’s historic engine room: Teesside and the Humber.

The East Coast Cluster is now actively bringing together communities, business, and academia to deliver the carbon capture and storage (CCS) infrastructure needed to decarbonise this key industrial heartland of the UK. Taking the East Coast Cluster forward will ensure the UK’s leadership in the energy transition and the emerging global low-carbon and hydrogen market and play a major role in levelling up across the country.

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