Cookie Policy

On your first visit to this site you were asked (by a notification banner) if you would like to accept the described uses of cookies and similar technologies. You can change your cookies settings at any time by visiting this page. We’d like to explain how we use these technologies.

To learn about what cookies and similar technologies are, we recommend that you visit the following third-party website:

Like many websites, we use cookies for limited purposes, and we would like to explain how we use these technologies. Cookies are a small text files places on a visitor’s machine to help the site deliver a better user experience.

The cookies we use on this site are limited to functional cookies and performance cookies. Functional cookies are necessary for the basic functionality of the site, and are therefore always enabled, and blocking them may reduce the functionality of this website. Performance cookies (Google analytics) log statistical information about how visitors use and interact with the site.

How to disable cookies
If you would like to disable cookies you need to change your browser setting to reject cookies. However, if you use your browser setting to block all cookies, you may not be able to access parts of our site. How to do this will depend on the type of browser you use. We have provided examples of how to disable cookies on the most popular browsers below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Choose the “tools” menu then “Internet Options”;
  • Click on the “privacy” tab; and
  • Select the appropriate setting.

Mozilla firefox:

  • Choose the “tools” menu then “Options”;
  • Click on the “privacy” icon; and
  • Find the “cookie” menu and select the relevant options.

On this website we use:

Functional cookies

These cookies are required for basic site functionality and are therefore always enabled. For instance, when you exit our cookie banner a cookie is dropped on your device reminding your browser not to re-serve this pop-up box when you later visit this site.

Performance cookies

The information the cookies gather is used to help us customise the website for our users.


Where you have permitted the use of performance cookies, we use a web analytics tool provided by Google to collect statistical information about how visitors use and interact with our site.

The cookies collect information about

  • Your IP Address;
  • Preferred language;
  • The number of visitors to our site;
  • The pages or content with the most traffic;
  • Approximately where in the world you are visiting the site from; and
  • How you have found our site e.g. from a direct search; link to a third-party site; or link in one of our emails.

We use this aggregated statistical information to help improve the site, for instance by prioritizing updates of the most read content or the most used functionality. Google Analytics cookies may retain information for up to two years. For more information about Google Analytics services, please click here:

Content testing

If we are working on updates to our site, we occasionally display original content to some visitors and alternate content to other visitors to help us assess which version best optimizes user experience. When we do this, we drop a cookie on your device to remember which version of the page you were served.